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Building Insurance Dubai – A Beginner’s Guide

Building insurance Dubai wide is a type of policy that covers your actual property, as opposed to contents insurance, which covers the things you own. Buildings insurance covers permanent fixtures, including bathroom suits, fitted kitchens, windows and doors, floors, ceilings, walls, and roofs.

Some insurance companies also cover gazebos, sheds, and garages, but it is always best to check this beforehand, instead of simply assuming you are going to be covered. Mains-supply pipes, boundary walls, gates, and fences aren’t usually covered, but the general insurance firm you choose may be willing to add these to your policy as an extra. A standard buildings insurance plan should cover the entire cost of rebuild or repair in the event of a vehicle colliding with your building, bursting or freezing of the plumbing, vandalism, an earthquake, or an explosion. Other situations that may be covered include having a gas leak, as well as falling trees, storm damage, lightning strikes and fire. Buildings insurance is not deemed a necessity for everyone that owns a property. Nevertheless, if you do have a mortgage, most lenders insist that you take out this type of cover so that you protect their investment. In this regard, the cover will probably need to run from the date the contracts are exchanged right up until the end of your mortgage. When applying for this type of insurance policy, full disclosure is a must, as you do not want to do anything that risks invalidating your policy.

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