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Car Insurance Comparison – Considering Fees And Add-Ons

Car insurance comparison websites can help you to find the best auto insurance deal for you. But, you need to use comparison websites effectively if you are to get the right results. This means comparing all of the important factors; not just the overall quote. Below, we take a look at some of the fees and add-ons to consider.

There are a number of different fees you need to consider when comparing car insurance quotes so that you can get a true picture regarding the overall cost. Firstly, look at the monthly APR. Paying monthly can be more manageable, however, it is often more expensive, as the car insurance firm will charge you interest. If you can afford to, it is worth paying annually. If not, make sure the APR isn’t too expensive. You may also have to pay a fee if you decide you no longer want your policy – this is known as a cooling-off or cancellation fee. They vary dramatically depending on the insurance company in question. If you need to change your policy, for example, if you get married and you want to change the name on your insurance policy, you will likely incur adjustment fees. There are also renewal fees and set-up fees, which are rare, but some brokers do charge them. There are also numerous add-ons that will be available to you, depending on the insurance firm. Common add-ons from insurance companies include key cover, windscreen cover, personal accident cover and breakdown cover.

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