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Car Insurance – What Are The Latest Rules?

Car insurance regulations in the UAE have undergone some huge changes in recent years. These have affected the price of premiums but, more significantly, what is covered by the policies. The intention of the UAE Insurance Authority was to ensure fair cover across the board, contributing to an overall increase in insurance cover across the country. This is in conjunction with alterations to other types of insurance such as health insurance, which has become mandatory in Dubai. Most executives of insurance companies across the UAE are happier with the changes. The changes for drivers mainly include an increase in what is covered.

What Are Insurance Companies Now Able To Offer?

The car insurance coverage in the UAE is now nationwide and unified. One of the major alterations in law is that it will now be mandatory for insurance companies to provide drivers with replacement vehicles or the compensation equivalent to one. Until now, whether this is included in a policy has been entirely dependent on the policy itself and how it was set up by the insurer. Car and motor insurance companies in UAE have been able to establish their own rules in certain areas up until this point, and it’s hoped that standardisation by the UAE Insurance Authority will help consumers. Other important changes to the car insurance regulations include the fact that civil liability cover and comprehensive cover are being unified into the same policy. This means more benefits for policyholders, including liability coverage extension to certain family members such as parents and children. One of the fundamental alterations that will affect you if you’re a particularly good or bad driver is the fact you will receive discounts on your premiums if you have a good record. On the other hand, if you have a bad driving record, then this will also be reflected in your premiums. When you buy car insurance online, you are naturally constrained by the deals you’re able to find. These may not be the best available and, more to the point, they may confuse you with what’s covered and what isn’t. This is why many residents seeking car insurance shop via brokers who have plenty of experience in the field.

Compare Car Insurance In Dubai With Brokers For Best Results

When you’re looking to compare car insurance in Dubai, one of the options that is both appealing and sensible is to use an insurance broker. These brokers are used to locating the best deals for their clients that covers all their individual needs, including the type of car they drive and the type of coverage they require from their next insurance policy agreement. They are also familiar with the recent regulations introduced by the UAE Insurance Authority as they work within their remit every day. Their superior knowledge can be put to great use when you’re searching for car insurance compare options in Dubai or beyond. Unlike the average professional in the UAE, these brokers know policies in depth and are used to ascertaining clients’ needs. Therefore, it is unlikely you will end up paying for a level of coverage you don’t need, whether this is for car insurance or any other type of insurance you may need. It’s an unescapable truth that brokers have stronger relationships with the staff at insurance companies than a lay person will ever have. This means they not only know where to find the best deals, but they are also more likely to obtain them because they are used to working within the insurance system. This is one of the primary reasons that consumers like to work through brokers, along with the fact that it takes the stress out of shopping for insurance. A broker like Insure4me can help ease your car insurance woes.

Use Insure4me – Best Broker For Car Insurance In UAE

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