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Compare Car Insurance In Dubai – What Levels Of Car Insurance Are There?

Compare car insurance in Dubai is something you will need to do if you are going to find the best deal. But, before you can effectively compare various insurance policies, you first need to decide on what level of cover you are going to go for. Read on to discover more about the levels of insurance that are available.

Let’s begin with comprehensive car insurance, which, as you may have gathered by the name, is the most complete level of cover available for your vehicle. This type of insurance plan offers financial protection if there has been damage to third party property as the result of an accident, as well as giving you financial protection for accident, theft, fire, and damage. Most fully comprehensive insurance plans will also cover driving other cars, personal possessions, windscreen damage, and personal injury. Of course, the exact benefits will differ depending on the insurance companies themselves, but you will experience a lot more protection with this type of cover. Next, we have third party, fire and theft cover, which will pay out for any damage you have caused to others on the road. With this policy, you can also claim for any damage or loss you have suffered as a consequence of theft or fire. Finally, the most basic type of insurance is third party cover. With this policy, your own costs are not covered; the insurance firm will only pay out for any damage to other people and their property.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the different levels of car insurance that are available. If you are ready to compare car insurance in Dubai, Insure4me can assist. Our comparison website enables you to get cheaper insurance quotes and better cover. Sign up today for FREE by heading to our website: