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Critical Illness Insurance Quotes – What Are They Based On?

Critical illness insurance quotes can differ extensively. This can make it confusing for anyone that is buying critical illness insurance for the first time. It can be tough to know what is a fair price. Plus, if someone else is also purchasing this type of cover, and they have been quoted a cheaper fee, you may be wondering why.

The reason why the quotes provided by critical illness insurance companies differ so much is because they are based on several different factors. First of all, critical illness plans have different levels of coverage. Some plans will only cover a very small selection of illnesses, injuries and disabilities. There are then other plans that will cover extremely rare conditions. So, this can, of course, have a major impact on the premiums you pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. In addition to this, you play a role in the price that you are quoted. The job you have impacts the premiums you pay. This is because some jobs come with a much higher risk than others, which means that you may have to pay more money each month. For example, if you work at a height or you deal with explosives, it is likely that your premiums will be more expensive. Your age, weight and whether you currently smoke or if you have smoked in the past are also considered. Your health is a major factor, and insurers will look at your current health and your family medical history to determine your level of risk from specific illnesses and conditions.

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