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Critical Illness Life Insurance – Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness life insurance – these are two types of policies, yet you will often find that critical illness cover is available as an add-on to life insurance. Of course, you can also buy critical illness insurance separately. But, is this the type of insurance plan that you really need to invest in? Read on to find if critical illness cover is right for you.

We all like to think that “it won’t happen to us” – this is a mentality that many people have. Nevertheless, no one is immune to the threat of a serious illness or injury. Life is full of unexpected and often unwanted surprises. You should certainly consider taking out an insurance plan with one of the available critical illness insurance companies if your place of work does not offer an employee benefits package. These cover any long periods of time off work due to sickness. You should also think about going down this route if you do not have enough savings in the bank to tide you over if you become disabled or develop a serious illness. Of course, critical illness cover is not for everyone, and there are some cases whereby you will not require it. For example, if you have enough savings in the bank to fall back on, and you can cover all your expenses, including paying off your mortgage, medical costs, loans and bills, then you won’t need this type of insurance. The same can be said if you have a partner who can cover any shared commitments and living costs.

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