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Dubai House Insurance Vs. Contents Insurance

Dubai house insurance is one type of home insurance policy that is available. The other is contents cover. These policies can either be bought individually or combined. While neither are legal requirements, it is important to protect your property and your belongings, so both are a good idea.

Let’s begin by taking a look at buildings insurance. This is designed to protect the physical property, including the likes of fitted kitchens, and all the permanent fittings and fixtures in the home. Policies from insurance companies can also include the likes of accidental damage to underground pipes, as well as garages, sheds and greenhouses. However, this is something you need to check in the policy’s terms and conditions. If you are renting a property, this is something you do not need to be concerned about, as the landlord should have building insurance in place. The vast majority of these policies cover any damage that is caused by malicious damage, storms, theft, subsidence, fire or floods. While buildings insurance is designed to protect the physical property, contents insurance is designed to protect everything inside it. This is why both policies combined offer ultimate protection. Contents cover provides you with a payout if damage to your belongings is caused by an explosion, water leak, vandalism, or a fire, or if any of your personal belongings have been stolen. You can expect the following to be covered: personal items and valuables, televisions and electrical items, kitchen equipment, household goods and furniture.

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