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Dubai Travel Insurance – Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Out A Policy

Dubai travel insurance options are varied, and you will need to take out a travel insurance plan before you go overseas. No matter where you are travelling to, or whether it is for business or leisure, it is important to choose a policy with care. Here are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself when considering a policy.

Do you understand what is excluded from your insurance policy? Not only do you need to consider what is included in your travel cover, but understanding what is excluded is just as important. Exclusions are a mandatory part of any insurance plan. All insurance companies need to give a full and frank overview of what is and is not included in your travel plan. How much money do you want to pay before you can claim? Of course, no one wants to pay anything before they claim! But, by increasing your policy’s excess, you can reduce the monthly premiums you pay. It is all about striking the right balance. If your excess is too high, you will find yourself in a sticky situation when the time comes to make a claim. Are you taking any valuables with you? Don’t assume that valuables are automatically going to be covered by your insurance plan. Sometimes jewellery, tablets, laptops, phones, passports and such like are excluded, especially with basic policies. Are all of your destinations covered? If you are simply going away once this year, and your vacation is a single-destination holiday, this is easy to determine. Otherwise, you will need multi-trip insurance, and you need to take a look at the list of countries that are covered in the policy.

Now you are armed with the questions you need to ask yourself when evaluating Dubai travel insurance or travel insurance UAE plans. To give you a further helping hand, Insure4me have a great online comparison service that you can use for FREE. Get started at