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General Insurance Companies In Dubai – Questions To Ask When Taking Out Home Insurance

General insurance companies in Dubai offer a wide range of policies, with one of the most popular options being home insurance. If this is something you are interested in, read on to discover the questions you should ask your insurer before taking out such cover.

There are many questions you should ask home insurance companies to make sure that their policy is right for you. For example, what extended, optional or additional coverage can I purchase? Most insurance companies in UAE have add-ons, which can be incorporated into your policy for an added fee. What is excluded from the policy? Some policies may exclude the likes of acts of war, and general wear and tear. Remember, every insurance plan is different, which is why it is important to discover the exclusions that are specific to the policy in question. What exactly is covered? Knowing what is not covered is just as important as knowing what is. Is there a limit for mould damage? In most cases, mould damage is covered if it is as the consequence of an event that is covered in the policy. Are there any deductibles? Most policies come with compulsory deductibles, which is the amount you need to pay before the insurance company pays out. You can also contribute to this voluntarily, which lowers your premiums. Other questions include: Are there any discounts available? (Get them to explain these in detail so you know what you are getting yourself into) Are certain items limited in coverage?

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