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Life Insurance Critical Illness – An Introduction To Critical Illness Insurance

Life insurance critical illness is one of many plans that are offered by insurance companies today. Critical illness cover is a type of policy that will provide you with a lump sum, tax-free payout if you suffer one of the disabilities, illnesses or conditions outlined in the policy schedule. Read on for more information.

A lot of people overlook the importance of critical illness insurance. After all, we don’t want to think about getting seriously ill. Nevertheless, you need to consider what would happen to you and your family if this were the case. Would you be able to afford bills and mortgage payments? Do you have savings to accommodate your living expenses? If the answer to these questions are no, you need critical illness insurance, no matter how old you are. The payout provided by this type of cover can offer you security through a time of potential emotional and financial stress. But, what actually is a critical illness? Well, this depends on the type of policy you have taken out. Most policies will cover the likes of Alzheimer’s disease, major organ transplant, strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. However, you do need to carefully study the policy details in order to get a full understanding of what is and what is not covered. Finally, when taking out this type of policy, the insurer will need to know about your health and your medical history. It is important to be honest. If you are found to be untruthful later down the line, your policy will become void.

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