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Medical Insurance Brokers In Dubai – Important Insurance Jargon

Medical insurance brokers in Dubai can often confuse customers with complex jargon. If you have no experience in the insurance industry, these terms will likely be unfamiliar to you, and you should never sign up to an insurance agreement without fully understanding it.

We are going to take you through some of the most common and important terms used by insurance companies when it comes to medical plans. Let’s begin with ‘lifetime maximum’; which is a cap on how much the insurance firm will pay for your claims over your policy’s total duration. ‘Premium’ is the word that is used to describe how much you need to pay the insurance firm for the policy. Most plans are paid on a monthly or annually basis, although some companies may agree to quarterly payments. Another term you may see on a lot of insurance policies is ‘co-insurance’. This refers to the shared amount of money you need to pay for covered medical treatment and services. For example, you may see something like Maternity – 20%. This means that when it comes to Maternity services and treatments, you will pay 20% of the bill while the insurance firm will pay the remaining 80%. ‘Excess’ or ‘deductible’ is another term you need to be aware of. This is the amount of money you need to pay before the insurance firm is going to start paying for the medical expenses. This can either be per year, per insurance period, or per incident. You will lower your premium by choosing policies with a higher deductible.

Now that you are versed in all of the important insurance jargon, you are ready to find the best medical insurance plan for you. This is something that Insure4me can assist with. Head to our website,, and you will be able to compare deals from all of the best health insurance companies and medical insurance brokers in Dubai.