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Medical Insurance Companies Dubai – Benefit Options

Medical insurance companies Dubai wide offer an array of health insurance plans. But how do you ensure you get the right coverage for you? One of the most important things you need to think about is the benefits you want included in your plan. Below, we take a look at the different options that are available from insurance companies.

The most basic form of medical insurance is in-patient. This refers to treatment whereby the patient needs to stay in hospital overnight. Out-patient refers to any type of treatment that is provided by a specialist, therapist, or medical practitioner, whereby the patient does not need to be admitted to hospital. Aside from in-patient and out-patient, there are numerous other benefits that need to be considered. For example, some health policies will include optical care, including the likes of contact lenses, spectacles, eye tests, and laser eye surgery. Some policies also include dental care, which could be anything from simple fillings and annual dental check-ups to complex dental treatments, including dental prostheses, orthodontics, and gum disease treatment. Maternity care is often including in health insurance plans as an extra, which covers all medical expenses that are incurred during pregnancy and childbirth, including per and post-natal care, specialist fees, hospital charges, newborn care, and midwife fees. General well-being, for example, vital signs, tests and cancer screening, can be included, as well as long-term care, vaccinations, and repatriation. All of these benefits are available to you depending on the plan and insurance company you choose.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding what you want included in your medical insurance plan. The next thing to do is compare the medical insurance companies Dubai wide that are available. This can seem like a long and difficult task, but we have made it easy at Insure4me. Get started by heading to our website: