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Medical Insurance Providers In UAE – Responses To Your Application

Medical insurance providers in UAE carefully assess every application they receive. When you submit an application, there is typically an underwriting process. This means the insurer will look at your case to ensure that you are insurable according to their risk policy. Once they have assessed your application, there are numerous response you could receive.

We are going to take a look at the four responses you could receive after submitting your medical insurance application so that you can be prepared. Firstly, the answer you will, of course, be hoping for is “you have been approved.” There is nothing you need to do if you receive this response. Your policy will begin on the ‘effective date’ that has been confirmed by the insurance firm. On the other hand, you may learn that your application has been denied. This does not happen often, and if it does happen to you, there may be reason to appeal. However, in most cases, the best thing to do is look at different insurance companies that can provide the coverage you need. Aside from this, you may learn that you have been approved, but there are conditions. This means that the benefits you receive may be limited based on your medical history. Or, the insurer may offer to give you the coverage you are looking for, but you will be subject to a higher premium. Finally, the insurance company may ask for more information before making their decision, for example, medical records from your doctor.

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