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Medical Insurance In Dubai – You Must Be Covered

Medical insurance rules have changed a lot in recent years, especially for residents and visitors to Dubai. With new legislation in force stating that health insurance is mandatory, insurance companies have naturally received a boost. However, more important than this is the benefits it brings to citizens. The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) aim to introduce a sustainable form of health care for Dubai employees means that these residents will no longer be faced with catastrophic medical bills following any medical treatment. However, knowing what’s covered by the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) can help residents, especially when they’re looking at which insurers include extras that may be beneficial to them.

Finding Insurance Companies For Health Insurance – The EBP

The EBP is designed to offer essential medical benefits at a reasonable cost. The aim of these changes to the law are to decrease regular health care costs such as regular check-ups and routine medical issues. The rules require that your dependents, and domestic workers are covered by some form of medical insurance, whether that is through you or your employer. While, for many people, the EBP may be sufficient, others may want further benefits and so elect for a higher value of medical insurance. For those seeking affordable medical or critical illness insurance however, the EBP is a lifeline. The EBP covers a variety of basic health care options, subject to a limit of Dh150,000 annually for all claims. It is worth noting, though, that there are still some costs to be paid by the insured party even when they are covered by medical insurance. For example, non-urgent medical tests and surgeries are subject to 20% costs payable by the insurance. Similarly, prescribed medicines have a 30% levy imposed on them payable by the insured. While the introduction of these new health insurance rules has not been met with universal admiration, the mandatory nature of them means that more people than ever before have been looking for medical insurance quotes. The number of insurance companies licensed to provide medical insurance and the number of insurers who have signed up to the EBP are quite different. Ascertaining your medical insurance needs through a broker may be helpful for you and your family.

Medical Insurance Brokers In Dubai For Your Health Care Needs

Not only are the new medical insurance rules causing confusion across the UAE, medical insurance has always been complex. It’s long been the case that business professionals and expats in Dubai have elected to protect themselves with medical insurance. This coverage has given them the freedom to live their lives without fear of huge medical bills if the worst should happen. With the advent of the EBP and mandatory medical health insurance in Dubai, though, the options on the market are suddenly far more complex and difficult for an individual to successfully navigate. This is one reason why excellent medical insurance brokers in Dubai are suddenly in demand more than ever. Brokers take the trouble out of finding the best quote for your specific needs. They take into account what dependents you have in terms of a wife, children and potentially parents. If you are older, for example, you’ll have older parents and they are costlier to insure by definition. If you’re a business professional and travel a lot for work, then you may benefit from enhanced coverage that will give you added health care benefits across the globe. Used in conjunction with travel insurance, for example, this can give full coverage. Ultimately, the type of insurance package you need will depend solely on your circumstances. Instead of talking to dozens of different insurance companies directly, you can speak to an expert broker who knows the market. A company such as Insure4me could save you money and time in your quest for suitable medical insurance.

Find Medical Insurance Via Expert Brokers At Insure4me

Insure4me recognise that your most significant assets are your own health and that of your family. We have strong working relationships with insurance companies across the UAE, allowing us to find the medical insurance package that is most suited to your needs and budgets. If you’re confused about the regulation changes, we are dedicated to helping clients find affordable medical care that suits them whilst adhering to the rules. You can find out more about our variety of services, including medical insurance, at our website: Apply today for a rapid quote that will get the best deal in health care insurance for you.