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Motor Insurance In Dubai – Risk Factors To Consider

Motor insurance in Dubai is something that all drivers require. When it comes to the premiums you need to pay, rates differ dramatically, and this all comes down to one thing: risk. Insurance is all about risk. You are going to be subject to more expensive premiums if you are considered a great risk.

In order to determine how ‘risky’ you are, insurance companies look at a number of different factors. One of the most critical factors is age. Statistics show that older drivers have fewer accidents when compared with younger drivers. This is why you can expect to pay more for your insurance if you are under the age of 25. Once you reach the age of 25, if you have done so without incident, you can expect the cost of your motor insurance to reduce. There are other ways you can keep your premiums low as a young driver, so do not fret. One example includes choosing a vehicle with care, as some are more expensive to insure than others. Gender used to play a role in the premiums quoted, but this is no longer allowed. Men are considered to be riskier than females. While females are more likely to make a claim in general, you will find that the vast majority of these are for incidents of low speed, which result in less repair work. The type of vehicle you drive also has an impact on the price you are quoted, as the vehicle type impacts how easy it is for repairs to take place and how cheap they will be.

As you can see, there are a number of different factors that influence the price you are quoted for motor insurance in Dubai. The best way to find the insurance plan for you is to use the services of Insure4me. We offer a FREE comparison service and our expert team can provide any advice you need. Head to our website: