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Motorbike Insurance Companies – Multi-Bike Insurance

Motorbike insurance companies offer a wide range of policies for customers to take advantage of, including multi-bike insurance. Research indicates that one in ten riders own more than one motorbike. If this applies to you, you need multi-bike cover. Read on to discover more about this type of policy and what makes it different from standard cover.

One of the key differences between a conventional motor insurance policy and a multi-bike insurance plan is, of course, the fact that you can insure more than one bike with multi-bike cover. If you have a classic bike, which you only use now and again, a scooter for popping to the shops, and a superbike for your daily commute, you can put these all on the same insurance plan. In most cases, you can cover up to five bikes on one policy. This is much more convenient than taking out five separate insurance plans, and often a lot cheaper too. You don’t have to worry about numerous renewal dates throughout the course of the year, plus you won’t have to pay five separate premiums either. One thing that a lot of people are worried about when it comes multi-bike insurance is that they will not be eligible for a no claims discount. However, this is something you do not need to worry about, as most insurance companies will still offer this feature. The type of bikes that you own will be considered when determining the premiums that you pay.

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