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Motorbike Insurance Quote – What Factors Will Impact Your Premiums?

Motorbike insurance quote is something you will be looking for if you are interested in this type of insurance. It is always a good idea to compare several different quotes so that you can ensure you are being charged a fair price. However, you may be wondering what impacts your insurance premiums, and why you have been quoted more or less than someone else.

The truth is that there are a range of different factors that insurance companies consider when they are deciding the price for your motor insurance policy. We are going to talk you through some examples. Riding history is one of the most important considerations. If you have any prior convictions or claims, you can expect your premiums to be higher than someone that hasn’t. Modifications can also impact the cost of your insurance policy. You are advised to not make any modifications to your motorbike, as post-manufacturer changes can result in higher premiums, as it makes repairs more costly and expensive. The only exception to this rule is any security modifications you have made. If you use security devices, you reduce the chance of theft, and this can also result in lower premiums. The type of motorbike you ride also plays a role, as some are more expensive to insure than others. Finally, usage is also important. You will need to declare how you use your bike when you apply for insurance. The main categories are courier and delivery, business use, commuting, and finally, social, domestic and pleasure.

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