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Motorbike Insurance Claims Advice

Motorbike insurance is a necessity for anyone riding a motorbike in Dubai. If you need to make a claim on your motor insurance policy, the process should be relatively straightforward, with all the important details being available on the website of your insurer. However, there are some processes worth following to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Firstly, if your motorbike has been stolen or vandalised, or you have been involved in an incident where someone has been injured, you need to get in touch with the police as soon as possible. The police should give you a crime reference number. Do not lose this – you will need to pass it on to your insurance firm. If possible, make notes about the event as soon as you can, as this will ensure you do not forget any important details. Notes should include where the incident happened and when, as well as any contact details of witnesses or involved parties. Witness statements can really help to support any claim. If applicable, you should also take photographs of the scene. If you make any phone calls in regards to your claim, keep a record of them – note the date of the call and, of course, the person that you spoke to. While it may be tempting to take your motorbike to your local repair garage, as you want it to be fixed as quickly as possible, you shouldn’t. Unless the garage is improved by the insurer, you may not be able to claim back the repair costs.

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