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Motorcycle Insurance Dubai – Different Types Of Insurance

Motorcycle insurance Dubai wide is a necessity for you to be legally on the roads. However, there are many different types of motor insurance policies available, and this can make it difficult for people to choose the right plan for them. To discover more about the different types of motor cover that are available, read on.

There are generally three main types of motor cover provided by insurance companies – third party, comprehensive, and third party fire and theft. Third party is the most basic type of insurance, and is the minimum legal requirement for motorbike users. This kind of insurance covers damage to property, as well as liability for injury or damage to a third party. It does not cover your personal injury or damage to your motorbike. Your insurer will also not pay out if your bike has been set on fire or it has been stolen. To receive coverage for this, you will need to take out a third party, fire and theft policy, which provides you with all of the protection offer in a third party policy, as well as covering you if your bike has been stolen, involved in a fire, or if damage has occurred as a consequence of attempted theft. Losses for successful thefts are also covered. This policy, however, does not include cover for personal injury or damage to your motorbike. For this, you will need to go for comprehensive cover, which is the recommended solution for most motorbike users.

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