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UAE Insurance Companies – Health Insurance Terms You Should Know

UAE insurance companies for health cover differ in terms of the policies they offer, the premiums they charge, and the services they provide. But, before you begin to distinguish between the different insurance companies that are available and the cover they offer, you need to be aware of the most common health insurance terms used.

Let’s begin with ‘waiting period’ – this is the time you need to wait before you can take advantage of a certain benefit. A common example of this is maternity benefits, which tends to have a waiting period between ten and 12 months. This means that you cannot benefit from any maternity cover for at least the first nine months of your policy. This is to make sure that people do not get pregnant and then take out insurance after, simply to cover the costs of maternity care. Another common term that all insurance companies in UAE use is ‘premium’ – this is the amount of money you pay each month or year for the policy. ‘In-network provider’ is the term used to describe any doctors, hospitals, healthcare professionals or pharmacies that are included on the list of those permitted for you to use under your insurance plan. ‘Deductible’ or ‘excess’ is the amount you need to pay before the insurer pays out. Finally, ‘co-insurance’ relates to the percentage you pay towards a benefit, for example, you may have a 20% deductible on all optical care, meaning you pay 20% and the insurance firm pays the remaining 80%.

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